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  • Please remove trash & personal effects.

  • Fee applied for overly soiled vehicles.

  • Military & Senior discounts.

  • Licensed and insured. 

The Classic Plus

What you look for in a good overall detail. THIS IS WHAT WE DO FOR OUR monthly maintenance detail, to keep your vehicle looking the way it should.


  • A full hand wash and dry

  • Door jambs and trunk channel cleaned

  • The tires dressed and protected

  • Exterior plastics conditioned

  • A hand wax with premium carnauba 

  • Vacuum interior including trunk

  • Floor mats cleaned & shampooed

  • Windows are cleaned streak-free.

  • All Leather cleaned & conditioned

  • Vinyl and plastics cleaned & protected

$169-189   Cars & Small Trucks

$199-219   SUVs & Full Size Trucks 

$229-249   Vans, XL SUVs, XL Trucks


The Premium

For vehicles that need a deep cleaning AND HIGH LEVEL OF PROTECTION. What you would expect out of a full detail and more. Recommend doing about every 3-6 months.


ALL services of the Classic Plus &:

  • Remove paint impurities using a clay bar

  • Mild tar, road grime, bugs, sap & contaminants removed from exterior surfaces

  • Premium carnauba wax machine applied

  • All chrome and exhaust pipes polished

  • Interior cloth headliner gently cleaned

  • Stain treat and shampoo all upholstery and carpeting throughout

$249-$269   Cars & Small Trucks

$289-$309   SUVs & Full Size Trucks

$329-$349   Vans, XL SUVs, XL Trucks


when your PAINT needs a little tlc. adding a single stage polish to our premium package, brings back the shine of your vehicle's paint. Recommend doing ONCE a year.

The Premium Plus


ALL services of the Premium &:


  • Single stage polish to remove minor oxidation / hazing / holograms on your paints surface. 


  • Finishing choices of premium carnauba wax or synthetic sealant. 


$349-$369   Cars & Small Trucks

$389-$409   SUVs & Full Size Trucks

$429-$449   Vans, XL SUVs, XL Trucks

w/ Synthetic Sealant

$409-$429  Cars, Compact SUVs & Small Trucks

$449-$469  SUVs & Full Size Trucks

$489-$509  Vans, XL SUVs, XL Trucks


For those that require it all. our signature detail that provides the ultimate clean, shine, and protection your vehicle can receive. Recommend doing once every 2-5 years, depending on paint protectant.

The OCDetail


ALL services of the Premium Plus &:


  • Full multi-stage paint correction to remove scratches, marring, oxidation, fade & holograms on your paints surface. 


  • Finishing choices of premium carnauba wax, synthetic sealant or a ceramic coating.


  • Engine bay cleaning and dressing


$699   Cars & Small Trucks

$789   SUVs & Full Size Trucks

$859   Vans, XL SUVs, XL Trucks

w/ Synthetic Sealant

$759   Cars & Small Trucks

$849   SUVs & Full Size Trucks

$909   Vans, XL SUVs, XL Trucks

w/ Ceramic Coating

$1099   Cars & Small Trucks

$1189    SUVs & Full Size Trucks

$1259   Vans, XL SUVs, XL Trucks


*Ceramic must be done in our shop and requires a minimum of 48 hours to cure depending on conditions

(Additional cost for darker colors, as they take more time to complete.)


Odor Removal

Designed with all vehicles in mind and engineered to be extremely effective at eliminating stubborn, pungent odor such as cigarette smoke, wet dog, work out and trade gear and replacing it with a subtle new car scent. Where air fresheners mask the odors our system eliminates it at the molecular level.


Aquapel Windshield Treatment

Dramatically improves visibility in rain and bonds with automotive glass. The heavier it rains, the better it works. - Lasts up to 6 months. (video at bottom of our Gallery Page)


Paint Correction

Add a multi-stage cut & polish paint correction to any detail package. Remove swirling, marring, and oxidization using varying grades of cleaners, polishes, and compounds.

Fabric Guard

Protects fabric from dirt, stains, spills, UV, and fading using hydrophobic polymers. Cool stuff. A strong recommend. (video at bottom of our Gallery Page)


Engine Clean

Clean dirt, oil, and build up off of the engine by hand.


Headlight Restoration

Eliminate headlight degradation, yellowing, oxidation, and scratches.

$40 /ea


  • One of the hardest most powerful coatings on the market.

  • Water spots wipe off with ease. 

  • Hydrophobic effect ensures less droplets left on surface.

  • Anti-scratch protection on painted surfaces.

  • Anti-bird, bug, calcium, & acid

  • As well as protecting, ceramic also offers a deep rich gloss and shine

  • Makes future washing of your vehicle faster and easier - up to 2 years of protection when properly maintained.


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